Blue Sky Partners kicks off 2021 with two new team members and a brand refresh

Blue Sky Partners got off the ground in late 2017. Since then we’ve helped more than 40 executives, companies, and teams launch more than 80 departments, initiatives, projects and products.

We’ve been privileged to do work in the education, healthcare, professional services, software and technology, energy and infrastructure, nonprofit and governmental sectors. While we can confirm that Texas is the best place in the country to build a business and most of our clients are here, we’ve also worked with companies in New York, Maryland, and California.

Over the course of four years, our revenue has been doubling steadily, and…

2020 was a year like no other. Being a presidential election year, we expected it to be stressful, confusing, and full of noise that might make it hard to focus on growing a business. But we didn’t expect it to be heartbreaking and mind-numbing in the ways it ended up being. We learned a lot through the process, though, and even saw a little bit of growth.

In Q3 2019, we started “recession planning” — which really just means we started saving to build our cashflow runway more intentionally. We thought there was a chance that the bull run the market had been on for almost a decade might lose steam, and we wanted to be ready for a downturn. We weren’t expecting a global pandemic to cause that downturn.

The result was a year that was as sad and confusing as it was infuriating. …

How we built the extremely simple, deceptively thorough Financial Clarity dashboard we always wanted to clarify our finances, manage cash flow, and reduce anxiety in the process

In 2017, when Blue Sky Partners was getting off the ground, our three founding partners would get together for breakfast on Wednesdays and walk through our metrics. At that point, we used a modified version of the Traction Scorecard methodology to track things like projected revenue, leads generated, deals in pipeline, recently closed, and a handful of marketing metrics.

But the most important metrics we tracked were cash on hand and cash flow runway.

Based on previous experience running companies we knew that if our cash flow runway and cash on hand weren’t constantly going up it wouldn’t matter how…

Thoughts on giving back during the COVID-19 pandemic by BSP’s managing director, Matt Glazer

Being part of a community is vital to many peoples’ identities — and if you’re in Austin, you know it’s just part of our DNA to want to give the gift of time, talent, and treasure. Now that we’re being told that the best way we can support each other is to shelter-in-place and stay home, it can be hard to reconcile both things with each other.

If you struggle with a desire to do more like we do, we’d encourage you to sit with that for a moment. It is important to take a moment to sit with the…

Thoughts on managing mental health as we transition to a new normal, by BSP COO, Timothy Seaton

For a large majority of the working class the recent COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a sudden and seismic shift in the way they work, as well as the way they are ultimately living their day-to-day lives. Being quarantined has resulted in fewer social interactions (guidance is to reduce physical interaction by 90%), and many are feeling the weight of this.

Here are just a few examples of the things we’ve heard in conversations with dear friends and colleagues regarding their experience so far over the last two weeks:

“I’m having a hard time orienting myself.”

“I’m really living in…

Blue Sky Partners’ co-founders share their individual learnings about what it takes to build a sustainable company and sustainable partnerships in what was a whirlwind of a year.

In 2019, Blue Sky Partners worked with 24 clients and almost doubled our revenue. We signed our first out of state clients in New York and Maryland, had the opportunity to work with some of Austin’s best and brightest subject matter experts to help facilitate and consult on projects, and we formalized a partnership with Honeycomb Creative, expanding our services to include basic marketing and branding services in addition to the operations, leadership, and cultural consulting we’ve focused on since the beginning.

BSP doesn’t operate like a standard business, and we like it that way. We don’t have an office…

Blue Sky Partners to expand service offerings to new and existing clients in partnership with Austin-based marketing agency, Honeycomb Creative

For immediate release • Contact:

Austin, TX: Blue Sky Partners, a boutique consulting firm based in Austin, Texas, is excited to announce a formal partnership with local marketing agency, Honeycomb Creative.

“Blue Sky Partners’ work is focused primarily on business operations, leadership and cultural development,” said Blue Sky Partners’ CEO, Nathan Ryan. “But over the past year we’ve noticed that it would be beneficial for our clients if we roll marketing services into our standard consulting packages. Callie Kerbo and her team at Honeycomb Creative have been producing top-notch branding, digital and print creative for the past three years…

Blue Sky Partners’ Snapshots workshop offers a new model to help you connect your company’s big goals with the steps you need to take to achieve them.

The average strategic planning process can cost up to $60,000.

And what do you get for that investment? A well-thought out, expensive pile of documents… that just sit there.

Sure, you may refer back to it a couple of times in the months that follow, but you’ll most likely not do it often enough to make it worth the cash investment. And then think about the psychological toll of knowing that a $60,000 document is sitting in your desk drawer, probably judging you for your lack of initiative or something.

Our founding team knows this feeling well, because we’ve all…

Every Tuesday morning, Blue Sky Partners meets for breakfast. We alternate between a couple of spots, favoring Phoebe’s here in Austin — because who doesn’t like thick-cut, smoked bacon? We certainly do.

At our Tuesday morning partner meetings we review a spreadsheet that includes a few top-line metrics. Adapted from the Traction methodology, this includes projected monthly revenue, cash on-hand, events attended, leads generated, client happiness rating, that kind of stuff. …

Howdy! This is a write-up about our Comprehensive Calendar Immersion program. Read below to get the skinny on how we discovered our methodology, and click here if you’d like to download our deck with more information about it.

Effective executives do not start out with planning. They start by finding out where their time actually goes.

—Peter Drucker

Like many organizations, Blue Sky Partners capped 2017 by doing some reflection. We counted our wins, analyzing missed opportunities, and tried to figure out how we could be just a bit better in 2018.

As part of that reflection, we took…

Blue Sky Partners

Blue Sky Partners is a boutique, Austin-based consulting firm that manages executive-level projects for growing companies and teams.

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