BSP’s 2021 Annual Report: The “changiest” it’s ever been

Selections from Blue Sky Partners’ 2021 service portfolio.

Blue Sky Partners
2 min readMar 30, 2022

2021 was a lot of things, but it wasn’t easy.

At Blue Sky Partners, we work with leaders and teams to set clear goals, develop sustainable systems, and establish healthy expectations.

That’s not easy even under the most idyllic circumstances.

Nonetheless, we worked with some amazing leaders and teams who not only grew their business in 2021, but grew personally, too. Like 2020, our average engagement lasted a year, focused on building new business models, departments, initiatives — launching, testing, iterating.

We dug deep with leaders and managers to clarify organizational goals, inspire (and be inspired by) their teams, and build in time for reflection and rest. We’re excited to release our 2021 Annual Report documenting that work.

Take a look here:

Through our work, we’ve discovered some incredible stats about the amount of money companies make and save, the amount of time their executives get back, and how quickly they bring new ideas, team members, and processes online — just by working with BSP.

For example, a company that works with BSP as they scale up will save more than $100,000 per year on average while they prepare the organization for new full-time hires. The average organization that works with BSP also sees a 33% increase in productivity around internal projects.

This year, we expanded our services to produce and facilitate innovation accelerators, working with Trinity University, the City of Austin, TarmacTX, and INCO US. These accelerators helped new entrepreneurs learn the ropes, and helped existing organizations in the environmental space develop scalable models to create green energy jobs in Central Texas.

The BSP team grew in 2021, adding our first full-time consultant, Shayna Dunitz, who brings a wealth of operational experience and supercharges our ability to help our clients do good work for a long time.

Recently, I read a thing about funding in Silicon Valley where an entrepreneur said, “The basic fabric of the world is up for grabs… [this is] the changiest the world has ever been.”

When the world is changing, it’s an opportunity to do cool stuff and try new things to make things better — all the old models are up for grabs. Despite the weirdness and challenges, 2021 was an opportunity to do that.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to have done the work represented in this report in 2021, and excited to keep doing it with you in 2022.

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