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  • Hernan Puente

    Hernan Puente

    Father - Internet and Football Freak β€” Entrepreneur - Semi-Geek. Founder @ Indicius. Co-Founder @ Purple Bunny.

  • John Roescher

    John Roescher

    One of the people that make

  • PelotonU β€” Rethinking College

    PelotonU β€” Rethinking College

    PelotonU provides working students a personalized pathway to graduate from college on-time and debt-free.

  • Nathan Ryan

    Nathan Ryan

    People person, husband, friend 🀟 CEO, @blueskyprtnrs ; co-founder, @ourgoodpolitics ; board, #LBJFutureForum; commissioner, ATX; hot takes, my own

  • Andy Sternberg

    Andy Sternberg

    Media + tech + music guy. I love music, art, travel and making good things better. Let's go for a ride.

  • Zach Hill

    Zach Hill

    UX Strategist/Designer. Husband, Cat Dad. NN/g UXC UX Management. Nerding out on UX processes, strategies, and tactics.

  • ProjectPool


  • Reagan Pugh

    Reagan Pugh

    Keynote speeches and workshops to inspire your people || Videos and more writing @

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