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We’ve redesigned our suite of workshops to help your organization gain clarity on its finances, help leaders gain control of their calendar, help teams develop measurable KPIs, and hone your organization’s Vision, Mission, and Values.

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3 min readMar 1, 2022

As an organization of any size scales to the next level, the biggest challenges they face boil down to clarity and capacity.

Clarity around finances, strategic direction, and measurable goals; capacity for every team member, but especially for founders, executives, team leaders and managers.

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Though our typical engagement is a retainer, over the last two years, as we’ve seen these repeat challenges pop up for growing leaders and teams, we’ve built and run modified versions of these workshops to help create clarity and capacity right away in four key areas. Over the last six months, we’ve refined and iterated on them to make them as efficient and effective as possible.

Here’s a bit of info about each of them.

Financial Clarity: Take control of your revenue, expenses, and cash flow or burn rate

This is our flagship workshop designed to help business owners get a handle on their finances. Participants leave this session with a comprehensive but easy-to-understand, editable dashboard that will allow you to confidently make business decisions as you build an existing product or service, launch or experiment with a new one, hire a new team member, or just experiment with pricing and new expenses.

“Never before has it been so easy to not only see where our dollars are going but exactly which revenue scenarios need to play out in order to hit our goals.”

- Ashley Connell, CEO of Prowess Project

Comprehensive Calendar: Take control of your time

Designed for individuals who want to get control of their time, our Comprehensive Calendar workshop helps leaders and managers identify priorities and commitments. Using design-thinking techniques, you’ll walk away with a newly designed calendar and strategies for how to implement best practices for time blocking and prioritization of your personal and professional projects and goals.

Key Performance Indicators: Measure how effectively your team is spending its time

Designed for teams, our KPI workshop guides participants through the process of turning organizational goals into annual and quarterly objectives, then identifying relevant and measurable KPIs for each team member. You’ll leave with a dashboard that allows you to track each team member’s KPIs and keeps you on the path to reach your goals for the year.

Vision, Mission, Values: Determine what a successful future looks like, define your culture

This workshop is designed to help leaders and teams identify the guiding principles of their organization and create thoughtful, actionable statements to guide the work they do. Participants will walk away with a concise vision, mission statement, and list of values along with strategies for how to use and communicate them to other stakeholders.

“With our new mission, vision, values, we have a framework to use as we make decisions.”

- Arin Gray, President of CD&P

Blue Sky Partners’ suite of workshops builds off of our experience working with 50+ organizations over the last five years—not to mention the 40+ years of collective experience on our team. Our workshops are designed to address the challenges leaders and teams face most often and provide an accessible, no-nonsense approach to help them create clarity and capacity as they continue to grow.

If you’d like more to book a workshop today, click through on each workshop title above to be taken to a landing page where you can sign up. If you have questions or would like to set up an information session, please reach out to



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